Reflection of the Week

1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Most of the time, having knowledge can be good for the person possessing it, as well as for others who benefit from the sharing of that knowledge through invention, teaching, or leadership. The most good is done with that knowledge, however, when the motivation – and action – is grounded in love. Paul gently (and with such thoughtful and loving words) suggests to his friends in Christian Corinth that sometimes even Christians forget love must be central.

This week, at the close of each day, take a moment to review your two most significant encounters with other people when you share the most knowledge or information. Recall your feelings at the time,; how were pride, or a sense of superiority, or entitlement operating? How was love a part of the encounter? In the end, was help shared, a wrong righted, relationship built or strengthened and/or gratitude experienced? What did you learn about being a person who followed Jesus’ way of love?

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