Easter Reflection

Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!

Mark 16:1-8

Alleluia! Christ is risen, Indeed! But at the beginning of today’s Resurrection scripture, we meet Mary Magdalene; Mary, the mother of James and Salome grieving the loss of their friend and teacher, and on their way to anoint Jesus’ body. They find a empty tomb and an angel who tells them Jesus has risen! Their lives are forever changed. What do we do with that life-altering news today? What is our role in the ongoing story of Jesus’ resurrection?

This week, live out the Easter story by being a sign of new life for someone. Give an Easter basket to a homebound or elderly neighbor, offer a word or sign of hope to someone in despair, make a donation to a life-giving nonprofit organization, or invite someone to church.    Jesus lives! and He lives in us!

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